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"After running a small test with Angels Media we were impressed with how efficiently our campaigns were managed, the smooth supply of prospects and – following initial telemarketing – the quality of those leads. We have subsequently re-ordered on various occasions and have not been disappointed in any area. Providing good leads at competitive prices, Angels Media are now certainly on our list of preferred suppliers."

Andy Golding, Marketing Manager, IPIN global




"In the past I’ve found it hard to reach Investors in a cost effective way, so I was sceptical when Investor Today said they could achieve the high targets I set them. As the cost was reasonable I thought I’d give Investor Today a try, and boy was I glad I did. The targeted email send to over 85,000 investors filled an event I was running so quickly that I had to lay on another event to handle the overflow of investors. I’d highly recommend using Investor Today as part of your marketing mix if you’re seriously looking to grow your Investor related company."

Daniel Burgess. Managing Director of Discount Letting. www.discountletting.co.uk

"Very pleased with how you turned it around. I work with a lot of huge media owners and many cannot do this, so it is appreciated and noted."

Kate Brunning, Account Manager oh Sound Creative, www.sounduk.co.uk