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Technical Analysis

Technical Stock Trading Programme

Technical analysis stock recommendation service and trading strategy

We offer a weekly stock recommendation service based on technical analysis. We review the FTSE 350 universe of stocks because it offers good liquidity and small trading spreads.

In addition to our technically-driven recommendations, we also provide an overview of the business, the investment rationale, financial ratios and a comparison with the FTSE index on each recommendation.

Our recommendations are based on a study of technical indicators and chart patterns on the stocks. In light of the current high volatility and uncertain market situation, we recommend hedging by taking an opposite position on the same stock in the spread trading markets. The hedge is typically 20% to 35% of the target profit, depending upon the volatility of the stock and the spread in the spread trading market. During periods of high market volatility, stop losses may be removed from some recommendations while exit targets are kept to avoid unnecessary losses.

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