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Saxo Bank

Competitively Priced Financial Spread Trading

At Saxo Bank Financial Spreads, they pride themselves in providing access to global financial markets combined with the premium service you would expect from a leading industry provider of financial spreads.

Saxo Bank Financial Spreads offers you thousands of different financial products including Shares (UK & US), Commodities (Metals, Oils & Coffee etc), Currencies (FX), Indices, Interest rates and Bonds. Available to quote Futures contracts as well as Rolling Daily contracts. It is possible for you to make a trade on a variety of these products in just one currency.

Key Benefits of Trading with Saxo Bank Financial Spreads:

• Low Cost Dealing and Tight Spreads
• Professional Browser based Trading Platform
• Low Margin and Overnight Financing
• Wide Range of Products
• Responsible Trading with Automatic stop losses (every trade has a mandatory/automatic stop loss attached which is designed to help mitigate losses when you open a trade).
• 24 Hour Trading
• Flexible Orders
• Free Charting Package
• Small minimum stake

Apply for either a Free Demo account or Saxo Bank Financial Spreads trading Account today!

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