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Promotion of the Month

Cult Wines:

As one of the UK’s largest fine wine investment companies with over 15 years’ experience in fine wine, we are well positioned to offer the requisite expertise to help private clients access the benefits of an investment in this market.

We are a family run company with an open and transparent focus on which we have built an unrivalled reputation, working with a wide range of investors across the globe.

The team here at Cult Wines are investment specialists combining our fine wine and financial markets expertise to create highly responsive portfolios. Our strength lies in our stock selection and routes to market, but we also boast one of the most dynamic and innovative analysis and research teams, regularly providing clients with key market data.

Our team of specialists are dedicated to generating returns and delivering value and our service is widely acknowledged as the most competitive available in the UK. Our team will provide the expertise, the tools and the information for clients to build a profitable portfolio that’s right for their investment objectives.

At Cult Wines we also recognise the value in providing quality support services and our dedicated personnel across accounting, logistics & administration will ensure that your asset management requirements are met at every level.

The Market

Investable fine wine constitutes less than 1% of all fine wine that is produced, predominantly focused on the prodigious estates of Bordeaux. With an extended period of compound annual growth rates in the region of 10-20% fine wine displays an imposing track record. Whilst, investing in fine wine is not a new phenomenon, both market liquidity and price transparency have developed to a point whereby investors at all levels can now profit this market.

An investment in fine wine has long been synonymous with low risk and stable returns due entirely to the assets unique characteristics

  • Finite Supply-ever decreasing through consumption
  • Perfectly inverse supply curve
  • Tangible asset
  • Veblen Good

With the emergence of new markets in Asia increasing global demand the delicate balance of managing supply and demand has never been more acute, probably in the entire history of the fine wine market. The market for fine wine has increased steadily over the last 5 years and this has been exacerbated by the emergence of China as a world superpower alongside continuing demand for fine wine in the BRIC nations.

The competition for the world’s greatest wines is increasing exponentially, increasing market confidence that we will see continued growth over the short, medium and long term.

Phil Gearing – Director of Cult Wines

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