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Posting guidelines

We are extremely grateful to our readers for your regular postings on Investor Today. Your posts have helped to make our service the success it has rapidly become.

The majority of posts are informative, often lively and quick witted, and genuinely contribute something to a particular debate or issue.

However, a few comments do abuse the service and it is very important for two reasons that this stops.

First, free speech is important. However, abusive, personal or over-belligerent posts actually get in the way of free speech because they put other people off posting what could be valuable and interesting contributions.

Secondly, Investor Today stories have been followed up by national newspapers including The Times, Telegraph and Financial Times. We know the site is regularly visited by national journalists.

It is vital that your posts reflect well, and indeed try to promote, high standards of professionalism – as the majority do.

For the good of the profession, please:

•    Don’t put up a comment in a name impersonating someone else or in an offensive name
•    Don’t post reviews containing abusive language, including swear words, or containing personal attacks
•    Don’t use posts as free advertising plugs

If you prefer not to post but are still keen to get your viewpoint across, you can always email the editor, warren@investortoday.co.uk