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Dragon's Den Gadgets

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TrunkiTrunki (from £29.95)

A case of complete genius
Luggage for little people is here in the shape of Trunki, the colourful ride-on suitcase for kids. Featuring integrated wheels, steering grips and a contoured saddle, this is a case of boredom-busting brilliance. It even counts as hand luggage. T5-tastic! Click the image to buy now!



WaterbuoyWaterbuoy (£11.95)

Oh buoy!
Ahoy, hearties! Next time you set sail make sure you attach your keys/valuables to this ingenious gizmo that automatically inflates and starts flashing within seconds of hitting the water. Capable of keeping belongings up to 1kg afloat for 24 hours, it's ideal for boating buffs, surfers and key-carrying cross channel swimmers. Click the image to buy now!



Youdoo dollsYoudoo Doll (£19.95)

Go do that youdoo that you do so well!
With these ingenious DIY dolls you can create your very own mini-me, or fashion one to look like a friend or enemy. Simply iron on your own digi-pics and get creative with the included clothing. Voilà, a totally unique comedy effigy! Click the image to buy now!



IsisIsis (£99.95)
The hardest puzzle in history?
Steeped in mystique, rammed with enigma and almost impossible to crack, this ingenious puzzle will lead those who open it on a treasure hunt worth thousands of pounds. Perfect for puzzlers, symbology students, brainboxes and lovers of loot. That's just about everyone, then! Click the image to buy now!




Image of ToastabagsToastabags (£6.95)
For the gormless, not gourmets
With one of these, you'll never leave the oven on again. Because you can cook things like egg, bacon and beans without the need of hob or grill. Click the image to buy now!




MiniCatMiniCat (from £2450.00)
We are sailing
Forget about trailers and mooring fees; with this ingenious collapsible catamaran you can go sailing without all the usual hassle because the entire vessel fits into a highly transportable bag. Click the image to buy now!






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