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Visa Technology Europe is constantly working on making paying using Visa easier, quicker and safer


Monday 16th March 2015

Nicolas Huss, the Chief Executive Office at Visa Technology, talks us through the latest ideas currently being worked on by Visa. Most of the innovations are focused on using our mobile devices to wirelessly pay. This is something I remember hearing about a few years ago, I remember Apple saying this was going to be released with the iPhone 5 but it never materialized. I love the idea of it, you never leave home without you’re phone, so being able to pay with it would save you having to carry your purse too!

Visa Technology have just launched the Innovation Hub, this extends their network to deal with a lot of the start up that need to be nourished in order to develop into new and exciting products. The Innovation Hub is all about new technology to make paying easier; this includes a lot of wearable technology, like the new LG watch. The Innovation Hub simply has a portfolio of new and innovative ideas, they aim to have 5 new products put forward to Visa Europe to be realized, and created in a year’s time. It all sounds exciting, with wearable tech a new big thing and the release of the Apple watch, surely it’s only a matter of time before this is a reality.

Visa Technology wants paying, through any medium easy, convenient and secure for it’s customers.

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