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Tories are top of the stocks, research suggests

Wednesday 8th April 2015

Written by Conor Shilling

The UK stock market has performed almost twice as well under Conservative governments, according to financial services provider Hargreaves Lansdown (HL). 
However, the firm stresses that this is a result of global market events rather than political leadership.
The research reports that the current coalition government has delivered 9% annualised growth of the stock market and also suggests that conditions for the incoming government are extremely favourable. 
Since the 1970’s the Conservative Party has a better ‘stock market score card’ than Labour, according to Hargreaves Lansdown. 
However Laith Khalaf, a senior analyst at the firm, says that: “The UK stock market is made up of companies with global earnings streams, and the fortunes of these companies are not dictated by any one political party.”
HL’s research looks at the last 45 years, in which time there have been five Conservative governments and five Labour governments as well as the current coalition. 
It says that under Conservative rule the stock market has returned on average 16% a year, compared to 9% under Labour.

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