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The Future in the Cards


Thursday 9th October 2014

I have never been one to believe in the ability of a 'psychic', well, I lie, there has been the odd one that has made me think "What if..." you know? Now I have never seen one personally, but I have heard of friends and family who have taken the opportunity to have their palms read. Some have been seriously bogus and others have been scarily on the ball with their predictions, which have impressed me.

What questions do you ask though? Is my tall, dark and handsome stranger on his way to me? Will I loose my last stone in weight? Will I win the lottery? the questions are endless, and I liked it when Mark Denton, a known Advertising film director had a regular clairevoyant known as Madam Claire of Catford, who one day let him know that big things where going to happen for him.

I think anyone who hears those words will think the person behind the crystal ball is barmy, but Madam Claire of Catford turned out to have a pretty vivid prediction of Marks future that contained his name above the door of a company that he would one day, own. When it turns out that same thing was said to another person, which only turned out to be Marks partner...well...what else would you think but "Wow...".

At the end of the day when you have a talent, work hard and dream big, that big call will come to you one day and your life can change for the better. Marks did!

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