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The Beauty of Mobile Trading Technology


Monday 20th April 2015

Over the last decade, the developments in mobile technology have been beyond count. Ten years ago, could any among us have prophesied the full genius of smartphones? Could we have imagined how frequently we would use them; that they would have become a tool for everything from shopping to trading; or that last year 40 per cent of online sales were made via a mobile device? The honest answer to these questions must inarguably be a resounding ‘no’.

And yet, today, mobile technology is a fundamental aspect of business, retail, commerce and communication around the globe. Its reach has even spread to the world of trading, and its newfound influence shows no signs of abating. Over the past three years, the rise of mobile trading via brokers like FxPro has been astronomical. But what is it that has so many people hooked?


One of the most alluring traits of mobile trading is its convenience. Mobile trading allows investors to make their moves wherever they are, irrespective of location. This is not only incredibly convenient, but also immeasurably useful. With some markets trading around the clock, traders can require almost constant access to their accounts, and mobile trading provides this without restricting their movements or ability to perform other tasks.

Cost Efficiency

Mobile trading has the added boon of being cost effective. Brokers have done a fantastic job of creating economical yet efficient software, and the ability to install this on an existing device means that there is no need to invest in new, software-compatible equipment for your home. Additionally, your constant market access means that you can purchase assets at the best price and sell them on at a premium, never missing an opportune trading window – not only cost effective, but also a wonderful tool when it comes to turning a profit.

Increased Rate of Success

As we’ve already mentioned, one of the greatest benefits of mobile technology is that it can provide you with constant, on-the-go access to your trading accounts. This is not only convenient, but can also have a powerful impact on your rate of success. Being able to keep track of your trades at all times means that you’ll never miss a trading window, and can buy and sell at the best possible prices – the better your strategy, the bigger the profits.

Who wouldn’t want access to such sterling benefits? Explore your mobile trading options today.

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