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Since Zopa launched 10 years ago, a lot has changed


Thursday 19th March 2015

Since 2005 the moon has moved fifteen inches further away from the earth and if you laid out every iPhone sold you could wrap them around the world, twice, representing a decade of massive change.

With the first black president elected in America, On Direction hysteria and mania, a royal wedding, London hosting the Olympics and a Brit winning Wimbledon, there is a lot to be proud of as a nation. Meanwhile, whilst the nation has been achieving impressive things, Zopa have been busy. If its population was a town it would be large than Oxford, and if you put every person with Zopa loans in Wembley Stadium, it would go over capacity – by 17,000 people! And to make things even better, if Zopa were a family, they would be wealthier than the Royal family.  

With the combined interest earned by lenders equalling 184 trips to space, or £46,000,000, they have really been hard at work. Zopa are not just achieving amazing things, they’re slowing demonstrating their power with 26, 561 homes being improved, 1 out of every 600 cars in the UK being paid for by Zopa loans and reducing the debt of 30,299 people. All this, and they’re just getting started.

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