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Over half of UK investors planning ‘ethical ’investments

Thursday 16th October 2014

New research shows that 64% of UK investors are planning to invest in ethical funds over the next few years. 
The study, undertaken by TD Direct Investing, found that despite the high numbers intending to invest responsibly, 57% said they need more information about the performance of these stocks before investing.  
TD also reports that 78% of UK investors are more likely to invest in a company that demonstrates ethical practices, confirming an appetite for funds that operate in this sector. 
The firm says that the number of ethical funds trades made by its clients in the last year has increased by 84%, with 94% of TD’s ethical funds increasing in value in the same period, some by as much as 17%.
However, many investors still accept that there may be a financial cost to investing in ethical funds, with two in five believing their ethical investments result in lower returns.        
John Tracy, Head of TD Direct Investing Europe is calling for the definition of ethical investing to be fine-tuned. He says there remains a grey area surrounding what ethical investing actually means, despite a high interest in the sector from UK investors. 
“The industry needs to be clearer about the definition of ethical investing and the funds themselves should provide more detailed information about their investments,” he said. “It is clear that investors want to be able to make their own informed, educated decisions about which ethical investments they choose.”

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