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On-demand services to help improve your investment


Monday 7th September 2015

Once upon a time, London’s new tech scene seemed to be made up of trendy aps that helped you pass your time in a hazy dream of lined-up fruit and Sims-esque farming. These days, the smart money seems to be going on ideas that are based in practicality – great news for anyone whose pricey time could be used more effectively on things other than chores.

If you’re a property investor, it might be worth knowing about a few of these “on-demand services”. When time is money, using these could mean cash in the bank.

Be space-smart with Boxman

Boxman offer self-storage in London with a modern twist. Rather than having to take time out of your busy week to drive to the outskirts of the city and climb over other people’s stuff, they provide a pack-click-store solution – the service summoned and retrieved over the internet, leaving you to pack up and get on with other business. You store by the box rather than the room, and insurance is included in the price, so everything is taken care of with no hidden extras.

Find yourself a man in a van

Gone are the days when you had to ask around, or stand on street corners, in order to find yourself a reliable ‘man and van’ combo. Simply log on to Compare the Man & Van Network and search by postcode. They’ll send you the quotes you need, and put you in touch with the chap (or chapess) you’re after – everyone reliable, no chancers allowed!

Click yourself spotless!

Why go through the Hassle.com website? Because few other services can get a trustworthy cleaner to your door with as little faff, that’s why. Another postcode-based service, Hassle works with local cleaners, guaranteeing the quality of their performance and keeping the local economy healthy with their sustainable outlook. We like!

Fix yourself up with 1roof

If it’s a plumber, kitchen-fitter or builder you require, 1roof can hook you up. As with Hassle, they guarantee the work they source and look after payments on your behalf, meaning that you get a professional on the job without having to worry whether you’ll get a professional job done.

For more information on on-demand services to help with your property investment portfolio, check out The Box Room – hints and tips on better living in small spaces

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