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Next 12 months a 'critical period' for UK property investments, says expert

Wednesday 21st May 2014

The next twelve months will be a 'critical period' for those wishing to make money from UK property investments, a housing expert, Ian Samuels has warned this week. 
Being described as a 'golden era' for those planning to invest in buy-to-let schemes, 2014 investors will reap the financial rewards of a property boom, expected between 2018 and 2020, he claims. 
Samuels, who runs The Property Investor, a Manchester-based company which advises others on how best to invest in bricks and mortar, says that despite house prices being out of reach for many, they will “never be this low again”.
He stresses that, in terms of the housing market, Britain is now “post-recession”, and that the recovery is only going to go from strength to strength, with prices continuing in an upward trajectory.
For those looking to invest in property, he believes the areas outside London are the ones offering the most potential.
He said: “The next 12 months is the golden era of property investment, with a property boom within the next four years."
“House prices started increasing again for the first time since the recession from the back end of 2013. We are now seeing property pick up in price, slowly at the moment but it will climb a lot quicker in coming years."
“Now is the time to snap up property as it will never be this low again. I recommend investing anywhere outside of London as the capital should be treated as a separate entity and, in property terms, is isolated.”
He added that fear was a major thing holding people back from investing in a property portfolio, saying: “With all the bad publicity surrounding banks, investments and pension schemes, people simply don't know where to invest anymore.
“In the long term, however, property is the best place to invest. History teaches us that property values stand the test of time.”

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