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New Spanish property energy ruling comes into effect

Monday 3rd June 2013

Already in place in the UK, Energy Performance Certificates were introduced in Spain on 1 June 2013 but what does this new piece of "green" tape mean for owners of Spanish holiday homes?  

Stemming from the Kyoto Agreement, the introduction of EPCs brings Spain in line with the 2007 EU Directive on Energy as part of a strategy to deal with climate change. The new decree will make energy transparent by testing and grading a building's energy use and carbon emissions based on the way it is used and how the efficiency could be improved.  

Many estate agents believe the move will see older properties being better insulated as a poor rating could be used by a buyer to lower the price. Meanwhile, anyone found renting or selling a property in Spain after June 1 without the certificate could face hefty fines.  

The move is welcomed by companies such as Spanish house builder Taylor Wimpey España who are calling the introduction essential.   

"This law is necessary in order to bring Spain up to European levels in the fight to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. The law is already in practice on the island of Mallorca and has proved that energy efficient homes can reduce electricity bills and will lead to higher real estate quality and transparency in Spain," said Marc Pritchard, Sales and Marketing Manager.  

"Here at Taylor Wimpey España we already ensure your property has an EPC included in the price, cutting out any extra worry and making your purchase as easy as possible."  

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