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Investors with £1m budget on the rise

Monday 3rd November 2014

A business exchange website has recorded a 35.51% increase in active searches for UK businesses valued at £1 million during Q1 2014. 
BusinessesForSale.com says the surge in searches reflects an increased confidence and established buying power in the economy’s mid-market price bracket. 
“Such a positive leap could not be ignored and typically speaking within a twelve-month period the majority of investors will have proceeded to purchase, this will have a profound effect on the UK’s business landscape,” says Rufus Bazley, Head of Marketing at BusinessesForSale.com.  
“This trend is in keeping with the revival of the High Street and the on-going appetite for serious business people to go it alone,” he added. 
According to the website’s findings, food and drink, tech and education and IT are the three most popular sectors among investors.
Interestingly, 17% of business buyers with a £1 million budget surveyed said they were buying their first business and were still in other full-time employment. 
And over half (57.4%) of those looking to invest over £1m have found one or more businesses that match their criteria but have been unable to move forward due to factors outside of their control. 

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