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How you can get the Best Return when Selling Your London Property


Monday 1st June 2015

It’s no secret that London is a hotspot for property in the UK markets. Many boroughs in the capital are in such high demand that they’re snapped up within hours of them going on sale. What this means is if you have property in London you are looking to sell, it makes financial sense to try and get the best return possible on them. So how can you go about this?

To help you get the most on your portfolio, what follows in the post is some useful advice and tips to take on board to help maximise your potential income.

Research the Current Pricing

First and foremost you should look into what similar properties to yours have been selling for in your London area. At the same time, try to find out what the state and condition of these was at the time of the sale. Use this as a benchmark, or to get an idea of what you want to sell for.

Target your Demographic

Along with this you need to think about who you’re looking to sell to as how you dress-up your property for sale can be tailored to suit this.

Decorate Accordingly

With the above in mind, a fresh coat of paint can go a long way to improving your value. Most people will agree that neutral colours will help make the rooms appear bigger and essentially provide a blank canvas for the next owners. However, while there is truth in this, if you’ve targeted a certain demographic you might want to consider painting in colours that are specifically appealing to them.

Maximise Space but Show Potential

Another cheap and cheerful way to improve value is to have a clear out and again make your property appear more spacious. Don’t make it too sparse though, leave some furniture in to show prospective buyers what your home could look like when they put their stamp on it.

Consider a Survey

There’s an old saying that you ‘need to spend money to make money’ and it might be worth have your own survey or home buyer’s report completed pre-emptively. This way you avoid the hassle of having to renegotiate prices and potentially losing more money than you need to.

The Right Estate Agent

Putting your property in the hands of the right estate agent is another important part of getting the right price. You can organise how you want your property to be presented and for what price, but you will be relying on them to make sure it gets sold.

So, what you need is an estate agent who operates in the London area and has local knowledge and expertise they can use to add to your property’s saleability. Then with everything sorted all there’s left to do is get selling and enjoy the profits your London property can bring.

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