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How to Build the Ultimate UK Football Man Cave

Wednesday 5th October 2016

Every man needs a cosy get-away within his home for that much needed privacy. You know how much of a handful it can be trying to watch a football match with kids running and yelling. Or having to explain every time why it is a goal kick and not a corner.

When you keep missing Rooney’s goals or can’t stand the empty six packs littered in your living room after the guys leave, it may be time to get a football man cave. 

What’s a man cave?

It is a special part of the house dedicated to a man’s activities. It doesn’t always have to be football; it could be a study, engine workshop (for gearheads) or a cosy bar. Whatever drives your fancy. So how do you build one for your Sunday afternoon football match? Here’s how:

  1. Choose your space

Don’t take the word “cave” too literally, you don’t want to scare the missus by carting stone boulders, ferns, and stuff into your home. Your man cave can be fashioned from your attic, an unused bathroom, the garage or basement. Think anywhere spare with sufficient elbow space. If your options are limited, you might want to consider hiring experts to extend your basement.

  1. Get ready to negotiate

This part is necessary and you must bring your A game. If you are in the sales business, this will be the time to give it all you’ve got. Setting up a man cave will definitely draw some attention from your partner, especially when it involves remodelling your home, noisy male guests and lots of beer. Eventually, you may have to compromise with something in return; it could be in exchange for

  • Additional rooms like a sauna, yoga room, or a gym

  • Promising extra hours to walk the dog or clean the gutters

  • Perform a number of long overdue repairs


  1. Insulate and soundproof the room

Remember you are building a football man cave. There is bound to be a lot of noise so ensure you protect the room by insulating and soundproofing it. Use fibre glass to make it warm or some other reliable insulation material. The priority however, should be on soundproofing. You don’t want an angry neighbour interrupting your Monday night football game.

  1. Paint or wallpaper the room

This is optional. But if your man cave does look like a real cave, it is advisable to liven it up with bright colours. Add some light wallpaper and a coating or two of fresh paint. If you are considering having a theatre set-up, dark colours can work too.

  1. Furnish your man cave

Add comfortable sofas and cushions. Get your own armchair; this is important. Every guy deserves his, it is your man cave after all. Consider a bean bag too if necessary. You want to make sure the sofa is of the leather variety because of likely beer spills and whatnots.

Include a coffee-table or two for your drinks, card games or books. I would advise an outdoor style wood furniture because it is more rugged and durable.

Put up your TV: This is probably the most important thing in your man cave because of your football matches and other sports.

“Ensure you choose a high definition LCD TV for glorious technicolour effect. Its advisable to get the biggest screen and definition you can afford as you will be having the installing for a long time before upgrading”  sound advice from, JNB Aerials TV aerial installation experts. They can also set up a theatre effect if you want.

And the Bar: What is a man cave without a bar? Fill it with the finest taste in liquor; depending on your choice. You should also find space for a small fridge to stock your cold beers.

Add any other features you wish, like the odd dumbbell, so long as you have more space.

Now wait for the weekend to invite your pals. Happy viewing.

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