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House-building sector reveals widening divide

Wednesday 2nd May 2012

The gap between private and public sector registrations to build new homes in the UK continues to widen, figures released by NHBC have revealed.

Social housing has shown a 54% decrease for March 2012, compared to March last year (2460 - 5330).

Although private sector registrations to build new homes in March are down 10% compared to March 2011 (7190 - 7980), figures for the quarter were up 6% compared to same quarter in 2011 (20,310 - 19,090). Public sector registrations for the quarter revealed that figures are down 48% compared to the same quarter last year (5690 - 10,920).

Richard Tamayo, Commercial Director of NHBC, said: "The figures for the first quarter of 2012, show the gap between private and public house building levels continue to grow.

"Overall, figures for the first quarter of 2012 were down 13% on the same period last year. Contributing to this decline was the registration of the London Olympic village properties in the first quarter of 2011 which significantly inflated the comparative figures.

"Regionally, we saw continued growth in housing figures in areas such as North West and North East of England which were particularly hard hit by the downturn.

"As 2012 progresses we should be able to monitor the impact of the measures announced in the Government's Housing Strategy which is aimed at giving a much needed boost to housing volumes."

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Mike Jones

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