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Four in ten investors have more than 50% of their portfolios in UK shares and bonds

Monday 3rd November 2014

British investors are becoming increasingly reliant on UK shares and bonds, new research shows.
Almost half (46%) said they have over 50% of their investment portfolio in UK shares and bonds, when questioned by fund manager Rplan.  
As part of the research, the firm also asked professional financial advisers and found that 39% believe their clients have over 50% of their portfolios focused on UK shares and bonds.
Stuart Dyer, Rplan.co.uk’s CIO, said that investors should build balanced portfolios with different asset classes and geographies to reduce risk. 
The research also reveals that much of the UK focus has come about inadvertently. Just over a fifth (22%) of those surveyed said their portfolio had ended up the way it had after buying in to newly listed high profile companies in the UK, such as Royal Mail. 
When financial advisers were questioned about their clients’ focus on the UK, 17% said it was because of their company pension default fund, and 53% said it is because they feel more confident about investing in UK shares and bonds. 

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