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Economic optimism inspiring young AIM investors

Thursday 28th August 2014

A year on since the Chancellor allowed AIM stocks in ISAs, new research analysing UK investor attitudes to AIM found that younger audiences – those aged 30-44 – are taking the lead in investing in the Alternative Investment Market (AIM).
The study, undertaken by TD Direct Investing, highlighted that the AIM index currently appeals more to a younger demographic, with three-and-a-half times more 30-44 year olds investing in AIM compared to those aged 45-75. 
Three quarters have attributed Britain’s positive economic outlook and the potential of higher returns as the main reasons behind their choices. 
The research found that the top five reasons investors are choosing AIM stocks are:
1.       The economic outlook is looking optimistic – 76%
2.       AIM can deliver a high return quickly – 71%
3.       The allowance of AIM stocks in ISAs – 70%
4.       Other investors are choosing it – 65%
5.       High profile companies are investing in AIM stocks – 64% 
What’s more, the research seems to confirm that investor confidence in the AIM stock market is higher than ever before, with 89% of 30-44 year olds saying they are confident that AIM will deliver returns. 
Darren Hepworth, Global Trading Director, TD Direct Investing said: “The lack of young people planning for their financial future has been top of the news and political agenda for a very long time. However, our findings highlight a shift in understanding and behaviour among ‘younger’ investors. The changes in legislation, allowing AIM into ISA’s and the increase of the ISA allowance, have no doubt had a very positive impact on saving and investment in general.”
“It seems we are finally seeing the positive effects of the uplift in the UK economy, with younger investors increasingly showing interest in the AIM market and taking advantage of the flurry of recently-listed high profile companies for them to choose from,” he added.

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