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UK technology companies prepare to go public

Monday 18th January 2010
A number of UK technology companies are preparing to go public this year.

The moves signal an end to a three-year drought, the FT reports.

Promethean, a provider of electronic whiteboards and interactive learning systems for schools; and Sophos, the Oxford-based internet security group are said to be preparing to float.

AVG Technologies, which provides antivirus software; Acision, the former Logica mobile phone messaging business; Betfair, the London-based internet betting company and Codemasters, the computer games company are among other possibles.

Click here to read full report in the FT

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Added by Airedale1 on 2010-01-18 02:47:03

Why do you print stories like this?
Do you seriously think that the Chinese economy will be wondering where they went wrong in missing out on such a fantastic idea as a whiteboard?

The British public have got to get it into their thick heads that the country is bankrupt. We require investment into new technologies such as green energy and generation etc, because they will generate the next industrial revolution.
Solar power for Africa? (China)
Wind turbines (Germany)
Nuclear Power (France)
Electric cars (Japan & France)
All economies are changing - we need a bit of vision and a commitment to get on with it.

Congrats to the firms going public, but for heavens sake - why not attack our politicians by comparing them with their counterparts in China. If they produced the same results as British politicians they would be taken out and shot.
You don't compare all the team members contribution in your own football team, they are compared with their competitors.
But not when it comes to our business performance.
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