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Sterling powers against Canadian dollar ahead of Winter Olympics

Wednesday 3rd February 2010
By Mike Jones

With the Winter Olympics in Vancouver just a couple of weeks away, travel money expert ICE (International Currency Exchange) is urging travellers to the games to get their currency ordered while the Canadian Dollar against the Pound is at a good rate.

In the past year, rates have fluctuated dramatically, at one point in October falling to 1.63 CAD to the pound, compared to 1.80 in the first half of the year. The rate now stands at 1.6695. ICE said that the Canadian Dollar was one of its top ten most ordered currencies.

Koko Sarkari Global Head for ICE said: "It’s always wise to buy before you fly and going online will reveal the best deals. However, if you don’t manage to arrange your travel money before leaving don’t be tempted to exchange money in hotels, restaurants and shops where the rates won’t be favourable."

ICE is also urging visitors to the games to budget well for costs while they are in the city. Tips of between 10-15% are expected for most services – from taxis to restaurants – but won’t be added to the bill. A typical lunch for two will cost CAD $20, while dinner will cost around CAD $40.

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