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Santander brings back UK call centres

Monday 11th July 2011
Santander is returning all of its Indian call centres to the UK so that all retail banking customers ringing the bank will have their call answered by a UK-based employee.  

The firm said the move was part of its programme to further improve the service it offers and follows feedback from customers who say dealing with an offshore call centre is a frustration that can lead to dissatisfaction.

Abbey outsourced its call centre operations in 2003 to two centres in India - one in Bangalore and one in Pune. All calls handled by these centres will now be dealt with by staff based in Glasgow, Leicester and Liverpool.

The project to return calls to the UK has been planned for many months and has seen a significant investment by Santander in the hiring of additional staff, training, IT and premises redesign, and this has enabled all calls from India to be switched to the UK this month.

Santander has hired an additional 500 UK staff to handle the estimated 1.5 million calls each month. The new staff are fully trained and are now available to take calls.  In total, Santander's UK call centres employ 2500 staff.

Ana Botin, Chief Executive Officer of Santander UK, said: "Improving the service we offer is my top priority. Our customers tell us they prefer our call centres to be in the UK and not offshore. We have listened to the feedback and have acted by re-establishing our call centres back here.    

"This is a great example of how we are redefining Santander UK and putting our customers first. This is a major step for us and I am determined that we will do even more to improve the service we offer as I plan further initiatives later this year to build on the progress we are making."                                                                                     

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Mike Jones

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Added by C on 2011-07-11 22:54:42

Or maybe they decided this as customers are leaving them in droves as the service is truly appalling! I should know I have a card with them and they are truly shocking!
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