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Pound lifts against euro but Bulgaria and Croatia give best value

Thursday 29th July 2010
Destinations in the euro zone are offering more value than last summer with the pound strengthening 2.97% year on year giving travellers 583.50 euros on a £500 budget - compared to 566.65 euros last year, according to International Currency Exchange.

This has boosted orders of the euro, keeping it firmly at the top of the currency order list from ICE.

Head of Marketing Joanna Williams said: "The improvement in the strength of the pound against the euro will be welcome for UK families heading to the euro zone this summer. Now is an ideal time to lock in the exchange rate using a prepaid card such as the ICE Travellers Cashcard and also benefit from the security it offers."

Non-Euro hot spots Croatia and Bulgaria are also key summer destinations for 2010.

The Croatian Kuna is now the third most ordered currency from ICE despite a slight fall in the pound’s value.

In contrast, the pound against the Bulgarian Lev has improved by 2.93% year on year giving Brits even more value in a destination already known for its low cost of living with dinner for four for under £50.

Surprisingly, Turkey and Egypt while popular are now offering less value for the pound than a year ago. The Turkish Lira is the fourth most ordered currency from ICE, despite a fall of 5.99% in the pound’s value.

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Mike Jones

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Added by Agatha on 2011-07-03 20:56:05

This piece was cogent, well-wtriten, and pithy.
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