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Most workers 'victims of bullying'

Friday 10th June 2011
Two in three people claim to have been victims of workplace bullying, according to a poll conducted by Monster.

It also reveals that about half the employees who have not been bullied directly have witnessed it.

The poll shows workplace bullying is rife right across the globe, though with some countries having much higher reports of bullying than others.

As a whole, European respondents experienced a much higher incidence of bullying than anywhere else in the world.

Some 83% of European respondents claimed to have been physically or emotionally bullied, compared with 65% in the Americas and 55% in Asia.

That figure means that only 17% of workers in Europe surveyed have never suffered bullying in the workplace, compared to 45% in Asia that report the same.

The Netherlands reported an overwhelming number of respondents having been victims of bullying (93%). However, of those that have not been victims directly, many still report having witnessed their co-workers being bullied.

Monster.com’s career expert Charles Purdy said: "The survey results point to bullying in the workplace being alarmingly widespread - it's definitely a problem that should be on employers’ radar.

"A bullying situation can affect employee morale, and that can have a huge impact on a company’s bottom line.

"Happy employees are productive employees, but employees who can’t collaborate effectively with their peers are easily wooed away by competitors.

"There may be legal safeguards in place to protect employees from bullying behaviour; it’s up to companies to broadcast such safeguards to their staff, and to make sure they are vigilant about watching for signs of bullying and about maintaining a safe workplace."

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Mike Jones

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Added by MisterA on 2011-06-11 11:56:54

Bullying nearly always comes down from the top.
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