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Energy prices predicted to soar

Tuesday 16th February 2010
By Mike Jones

A significant spike in energy prices has been predicted by the Industry Taskforce for Peak Oil and Energy Security.

It believes there will be a sustained rise in the oil price to more than US $100 within five years.

The cost of developing new sources of oil is thought to be a factor.

Other energy costs are also set to increase as demand rises through global population growth -  along with economic recovery following the recession.

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Added by Chris on 2010-02-16 03:35:27

Well said Steve,

I have been wanting to do this for years, but it is way too expensive and the planning hurdles are the clincher. Apparently, it's okay if your installation is mobile. Beaurocrats!!
Added by Steve on 2010-02-16 03:32:23

This was reported to happen in 3-5 years time, with both gas and electricity shortages.
The politicians should already have a policy to help the country be more self-sufficient in power, encouraging us to use solar and wind power to generate our own at home.
1. They could significantly reduce the cost of these products and grid connections to encourage us to install them.
2. Force councils to allow their fitting.
3. Remove smokeless zones, especially as modern log burners are so efficient.
4. Amend the building regulations so that all new builds are fitted with significant amounts of solar/wind/geothermal equipment as standard. Yes it will put the cost up initially, but it will be cheaper to run.
5. The politicians should look at what works best from around the world and have it available cheaply (subsidised) in the UK.
Unfortunately politicians would have to want to help the country.
Have to remove their hand from the cookie jar.
Remove their heads from their arse where they have been breathing through their bellybutton for so long and actually work for the people of the UK.
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