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Ecotricity EcoBonds offer ethical investment

Monday 8th November 2010
National Ethical Investment Week is a campaign to ensure that everyone knows that they have green and ethical options when it comes to their finance and investment decisions.

EcoBonds from Ecotricity Group, the UK’s largest independent green energy company, show that those options can deliver healthy returns.

Proceeds from the EcoBonds will be invested into expanding Ecotricity’s green energy generation capacity here in the UK, building new windmills, sunmills and renewable gas sources.

The fixed-rate EcoBonds, launched on 18 October 2010, have an initial four-year term and will pay an annual rate of interest of 7% (or 7.5% for Ecotricity customers).

They are open to UK-based individuals, companies, trusts, charities and other legal entities and are subject to a minimum £500 investment. The EcoBonds will be issued by Ecotricity Bonds plc, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company. Ecotricity has guaranteed the payment obligations of Ecotricity Bonds for the EcoBonds.

Ecotricity founder and MD Dale Vince said: "National Ethical Investment Week shows that people are increasingly looking for ways to invest ethically.

"Our EcoBonds let people do that and get involved in the Green Revolution. The funds we raise will be used to build the projects that we already have consented, enabling us to speed up the rate at which we build these new sources of Green Energy - something the UK badly needs.

"And in the process we’ll create new green jobs and help develop a strong independent green British economy."

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Mike Jones

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Added by Bardo on 2011-07-04 05:28:08

Hey, that's the gresaett! So with ll this brain power AWHFY?
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