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British Gas brings back boiler scrappage

Thursday 2nd June 2011
Following the Government initiative that finished in England more than a year ago, British Gas has launched a new boiler scrappage scheme.

The scheme will offer £400 off a new energy efficient Worcester Bosch boiler and should help consumers reduce waste and cut their energy bills.

Tom Lyon, energy expert at uSwitch.com, said: "This scheme will help to plug the gap left by the withdrawal of the Government scheme, which finished in March last year. Unlike the Government scheme, which had a cap of 125,000 boilers, there is no limit set on the British Gas scheme - as long as consumers apply by 30 June. Importantly, this scheme isn't just available to British Gas customers, which means that any households interested in a new energy efficient boiler can apply.

"This launch is very welcome news, but consumers should still get quotes from a number of different sources, including independent plumbers, to ensure they are getting the most competitive price. Consumers should also never be tempted to risk their safety by going with a plumber who is not Gas Safe registered even if they are offering a lower price.

"Inefficient boilers contribute significantly to household carbon emissions. In addition, installing a modern energy efficient boiler can save households up to £225 a year on heating bills. With the average boiler lifespan of 12 years this is a substantial saving on energy bills which means the boiler could pay for itself.

"Heating and hot water accounts for around 60% of the average household energy bill, which means people can expect to pay £679 a year on these alone. And with energy prices likely to increase, it makes absolute sense to focus energy efficiency efforts here where people have the most to gain. Hopefully British Gas's scheme will help people to become more energy efficient, and cut their bills ahead of any further price rises."

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Mike Jones

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Added by King on 2011-07-03 23:39:54

Your answer was just what I neeedd. It’s made my day!
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