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Best value destinations for UK travellers in 2010 - ICE

Wednesday 27th January 2010
By Mike Jones

Travel money expert International Currency Exchange has analysed exchange rates over the past 12 months and is suggesting travellers look at how far their spending money will go before booking a trip abroad.

Better Value for Travel Money

* Egypt offers fantastic value with exchange rates offering 9.41% more for Brits, than this time last year. On a £500 budget, travellers buying now would get an additional 400 more Egyptian Pounds than this time last year;

* For winter sun the United Arab Emirates is proving a real hot spot. The UAE Dirham is now the 7th most ordered currency for ICE and travellers will get 9.18% more for their Pounds this year compared to last. On £500 you would receive an extra 275 Dirhams;

* For those travelling closer to home, Germany’s tax on hotel stays has fallen from 19% to just 7% in January, making it an attractive option, added to that the Euro is better value than it was a year ago, the Pound up 2.17%. For a £500 spend you will get an additional €12.

Worse Value for Travel Money

* Turkey is roughly the same as it was 12 months ago with the Pound slightly down by 1.2 % to the Turkish Lira, on a £500 budget that equates to around 15 less Lira;

* The Pound is down by 4.39% to the Polish Zloty since this time in 2009 - £500 would equate to around 100 Zloty less than last year;

* Sports fans will be hit if they head to Vancouver for the Winter Olympics as the Pound has dropped nearly 10% to the Canadian Dollar. On £500 that’s approximately $82 less than last year;

* South Africa looks set to be a popular destination this year, as the World Cup kicks off, however the Pound is down over 20% to the Rand making holiday spending much more than a year ago. For a £500 travel budget that equates to around 1400 less Rand than 12 months ago;

ICE Head of Marketing Andrew Hamilton said: "UK holidaymakers will continue to explore new destinations in 2010, as they look for places that offer the best value on everything from flights, to exchange rate and day-to-day costs. Wherever they’re going, we advise holidaymakers to buy their foreign currency before they go to ensure they get the best rates and avoid additional charges incurred by using ATMs and credit cards abroad."

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