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Ashburton Japan Equity Fund awarded S&P A (New) rating

Wednesday 10th February 2010
By Mike Jones

Jersey-based investment manager Ashburton has been awarded an A rating by Standard and Poors for its Japan Equity Fund. The Japan Equity Fund team were praised for their good use of external research, willingness to back themes and for a good track record in Asia.

Managed by Ashburton’s Asia Pacific specialist Jonathan Schiessl, the Japan Equity Fund was recently re-named from the Asia Pacific Equity fund following a refocus of the mandate to concentrate solely on equity growth in Japan. The change received shareholder approval and effective 1 December 2009 this fund invests only in Japanese equities.

Commenting on the rating Standard and Poors said: "Despite the change in mandate, the good performance of the Japan carve-out gives us comfort and we continue to have regard for the experience and knowledge of Schiessl and his thematic approach. The fund gains an S&P A (New) rating."

Peter Bourne, Managing Director at Ashburton, said: "We are delighted the Japan Equity Fund has been awarded an A (New) rating by Standard and Poors. The Fund adopts an active style, with stockpicking heavily influenced by macro and thematic drivers. Over the last few years it has been easy to ignore Japan as an investment destination. It is our belief, however, that Japan is likely to surprise positively in the future and investors should not disregard this opportunity."

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