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Smartphones become essential shopping companion

Monday 19th March 2012

Smartphones are becoming an essential shopping companion, according to Deloitte’s sixth annual State of the Media Democracy Survey, which assesses the UK’s media consumption preferences.

Consumers are using their smartphones to choose their purchase - 17% of respondents compare products and 18% use their phone to read product reviews.

Mark Lee-Amies, Deloitte media partner said: "More than 50% of UK consumers now own smartphones and they are being used to discover new products, research them, obtain discounts, and finally pay for them.

"We found a third of consumers (32%) would like to access product information in store by scanning a bar code with their mobile phone. Some retailers have introduced this functionality but it may soon be a must-have for all, due to customer demand for this facility."

More than half of UK consumers (62%) surveyed have found out about a new product on the recommendation of other online users. This was slightly less than those who had been put off buying a product based on negative online reviews (68%).

Three quarters of those surveyed (73%) said that recommendations online were more influential in their buying decisions than any other internet content.

Lee-Amies said: "The popularity of online reviews may be causing a change in UK consumers’ willingness to give advice online. We found that 31% of consumers had recommended a product through a blog entry or social networking site. This represents a 30% increase since 2010, a significant shift in behaviour that is particularly marked in those aged over 55 years old, where 70% more respondents told us that they had reviewed a product online in 2011 than in 2010."

Nearly a quarter (24%) of those surveyed used a coupon they had acquired on a website to get a discount on a meal out, 14% used one to get money off their clothing purchases and another 14% received discounts on their groceries. In the future, 24% of consumers said they would like to use their smartphone as a device to redeem mobile coupons.

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